Swing Candle - christmas tree decoration!

These stylish candle holders will allow your Christmas tree to radiate beauty and the  pendulum base ensures they sit safely and upright on the branches. 


They are hand made and of a high quality with a galvanised finish.  We are particularly proud that our product is made entirely in Austria.   


The holders are made of bent wire parts from spring steel and a twisted brass ball that is 'compressed' together with a special tool in our factory (not decomposable by kids!).


All this is resulting in a high quality and elegantly designed piece which will add particular brilliance to your tree. 

The holders come in various finishes, gold and silver plated on chrome and tin to antique nickel plated (with a special lacquer which gives the pendalum an anthracite look. 


They come in a high quality metal case with 10 pieces together with the same number of white non drip candles.



 A perfect Christmas present!